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Vertical Seam Metal Roofing

Vertical Seam Standing Seam

With 1-3/4" high ribs, Vertical Seam Metal Roofing has the strength needed to be installed over either open framing or solid decking. This standing seam system is fastened using hidden clips. These clips allow for greater expansion and contraction of the panels, at the same time ensuring wind resistance. Vertical Seam is Miami-Dade county approved, meeting some of the most stringent requirements for high wind areas. Vertical Seam comes standard with striations to eliminate oil canning, but can also come flat pan. If you want it flat pan you will have to specify it.

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Vertical Seam Clip Attachment 

Concealed Clip System

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Crisp and Defined

Through history, standing seam has made its name through brute strength and striking beauty. Vertical Seam is no exception to the rule. With its 1-3/4" tall ribs, Vertical Seam will add value and beauty to any residential or commercial project.

Strength of Steel

Made of high tensile steel, then coated with multiple quality coatings, Vertical Seam metal roofing can take it. Whether its high winds in Miami-Dade County Florida, or hurricanes in Louisiana, Vertical Seam doesn't back down to the challenge.

Low Slope Roofing

Vertical Seam can be installed on roofs with a slope as low as 1:12 over solid decking, or 3:12 over open framing. This is lower than most standing seam roofs, offering complete protection even when your roof only raises one inch per every twelve inches across.

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