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Stile - Spanish Metal Tile Roofing

Photo of Stile Spanish Metal Tile Roofing

StileĀ® is a metal roofing system designed to simulate the durable yet elegant look of clay Spanish roofing tiles. Stamped from a tough 26 gauge steel product, Stile has many benefits.

Stile comes in full length panels cut to the foot. These panels are formed per specification from 3' to 20' long, saving time and money when installing.

Stile Panel and Panel Profile

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The barrel shaped metal tile is extremely strong, meeting some of the most stringent codes in the country, from its Miami-Dade County Florida approval to its UL Class 4 Impact Resistance.

All seven Stile Energy Star® rated colors offer beauty and energy savings, reflecting as much as 63% of the sun's rays.



Stile Colors

All Stile® colors are Energy Star rated, reflecting 29-63% of the sun's rays.
Colors are approximate, and may vary due to scanning processes, resolutions, and monitors. See an actual color swatch or panel before ordering.

Spanish Clay Stile on Roof

Stronger than Traditional Clay Tile

Stile is far stronger than traditional clay tile roofing. With its stout 1-3/16" tall metal barrels and 26 gauge thickness, you can walk all over it without fear of loose tiles sliding off or breaking through a fragile clay tile.

In hurricane strength winds, Stile performs. In hail it will not be penetrated. In a fire it will not burn, but will protect your home from the flames.

Lighter than Traditional Clay Tile

One of the major drawbacks of a traditional clay tile roof is the weight. Clay tile roofing usually weighs between 10-15 lbs per square foot (1000-1500 lbs per SQ). This adds up to put an enormous load on the house. It also requires for an extremely strong framework to support the roof structure.

Stile Spanish Clay Metal Tile is far lighter in weight than traditional clay tiles. Weighing in at 1.1 lbs per square foot (110 lbs per square), it truly is a strong yet lightweight product.

Ocean Blue Stile on Roof

All the Beauty of Clay Tile

You don't have to substitute beauty for performance. That is the idea behind Stile, and it really shows. Whether you are looking at a Stile roof from afar, or from right below it, Stile really looks like tile roofing.

A Complete Package

To accompany the barrel tile roofing, special color matched formed barrel trims are available to finish out the roof, and add a sophisticated, tile look to the house.

We supply everything you need to install Stile, including trims, fasteners, underlayment and other accessories. We can ship it all out as a complete package to anywhere in the United States.

If you need more information or pricing on Stile, feel free to contact us at any time. Our representatives are there to help you, and are always helpful and courteous.
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