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Sentry Shingle - Metal Shingles

Sentry Shingle - Metal Shingles

It’s easy to think of our homes as just buildings – some walls and a roof. But, in thinking more deeply about it, we realize that our homes are much more than just sticks, bricks, and nails. Our homes hold our memories, as well as our possessions. When we think back on some of the favorite times of our lives, it’s impossible to do so without thinking about the building where those events take place.

Along with the memories, we have a lot of emotions in our homes. Emotions of happiness, sadness, joy, and hope all stay in our homes. For that reason, we want to see our homes stand strong and protected. Some people might say that they even become a metaphor for our lives. The idea of passing our homes down to future generations is even making a comeback in recent years. The future “old family homestead” may even be the home you just moved into a few years ago.

For these reasons, we do things to make our homes last – to keep them sturdy and strong and maintenance-free. We take steps to choose building materials that are durable, lasting, and inviting. In summary, we protect what matters. And, for virtually all of our homes, that starts with the roof.

Sentry Shingle Panel


Sentry Steel Shingles have been carefully designed to weather whatever life – and Mother Nature – throws at them. They will protect and beautify your home far better than traditional roofing materials.


Sentry Shingle is produced from corrosion-resistant G90 galvanized steel that has been coated with a Kynar 500 or Hylar 5000 finish. The panels interlock on all sides for maximum wind resistance and, unlike most metal roofs, there are no concealed fasteners with problem-prone washers that crack and leak. They have been tested to withstand hurricane-force winds and the Lifetime / 40-Year Transferable warranty includes 120 mph wind protection.

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Sentry Shingle Colors

All Sentry Shingle® colors are Energy Star rated, reflecting 25-42% of the sun's rays.
Colors are approximate, and may vary due to scanning processes, resolutions, and monitors. See an actual color swatch or panel before ordering.

Sentry Shingle Photo

Sentry Shingle is available in eight designer finishes: Black, Charcoal, Copper Penny, Evergreen, Gunmetal, Mission Red, Stone, and Timber.


Sentry Shingle is a lifetime roof, backed by a lifetime warranty (40 years transferable).

Advanced Protective Coatings

Second Sentry Shake Metal Shake PhotoSentry Shingle is protected by a tough Kynar 500® / Hylar® 5000 paint system: tough for installation, resistant to fading, and Energy Star® reflectivity to save on utility bills.

Benefits of a Cool Metal Roof

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