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Sapphire 350 - European Scallop Metal Tile Roofing

Sapphire Spanish Clay Metal Tile

Sapphire 350® steel roofing tiles are press-formed, creating a gorgeous European scallop tile look. The raised barrel design allows for 1-1/2" of insulating air flow.

For speed of installation, Sapphire 350® metal tile roofing panels come cut to the inch.

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The barrel shaped metal tile is extremely strong due to the strength of the circular barrel shape and 26 gauge steel thickness.

Featuring top-of-the-line Kynar® paint, Sapphire 350® is designed to last for the long haul.

Sapphire 350 Panel



Sapphire Metal Tile Roofing Colors

All Sapphire® colors are Energy Star rated, reflecting 25-67% of the sun's rays.
Colors are approximate, and may vary due to scanning processes, resolutions, and monitors. See an actual color swatch or panel before ordering.
Sapphire Metal Clay Tile Roof
Simple European Design

Sapphire takes the simple, beautiful design approach, featuring sleak curves and simple yet elegant trims, combining for a roofing experience like no other.

Matching barrel ridge caps top off a marvelous design that will leave you in awe, and your neighbors wondering exactly where you got your new roof.

History of a Legend

For thousands of years, tile roofing has offered homes with beauty, fire resistance, strength, and longivity. Now you can have all of those features, without the weight, and with much simpler installation.

Roof with Saphire Metal Clay Tile
Flexibility of Steel

One of the main drawbacks to real clay tile is its impact weakness. A sharp blow from hail or a branch from a nearby tree, and clay tile is cracked. Sapphire offers flexibilty, resisting hail and high winds, debris and weight, without the risk of snapping or cracking.

A Complete Package

We supply everything you need to install Sapphire, including trims, fasteners, underlayment and other accessories. We can ship it all out as a complete package to anywhere in the United States.

If you need more information or pricing on Sapphire, feel free to contact us at any time. Our representatives are there to help you, and are always helpful and courteous.
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